Dry and encapsulated type transformers.

Built according to the NMX-J-351 standard.

Main features:

  • Virtually zero maintenance.
  • Maximum mechanical resistance to short circuit stress.
  • Fire safety.
  • Compact size.
  • Low impact on the environment.

Station type transformers.

Built according to the NMX-J-116 and NMX-j-284 standards.

Main features:

  • It supplies electrical energy to the substation.
  • Reduce or raise the voltage with the same power in compact substations.
  • In 1/2 voltage with oil in the main insulation.
  • It powers all the equipment such as relays, measurement equipment and SCADA equipment in the substation.

Pedestal type transformers.

Built according to the NMX-J-285 standard.

Main features:

  • Designed to work outdoors.
  • Reduce and optimize spaces by replacing compact substations.
  • Ideal for residential subdivisions, tourist developments, shopping centers.

Special transformers (Excitation, Zig zag and with electrostatic screens)

For solutions with non-commercial tensions.

For solutions with non-commercial powers.

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